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Abruzzi National Park

The Abruzzi National Park was established in 1923 to preserve the unique natural features and to save from extinction certain wild animals.
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This protected area owes its name to the large population of chamois who lives here. Founded as a royal hunting ground, later it formed the nucleus around which developed the Abruzzi National Park. …
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is among the “most beautiful villages in Italy”. Built entirely of white limestone, the village presents a unique architectural and decorative harmony in the Abruzzi context. Possession of the Medici in the sixteenth century, it still preserves the signs of that exquisite culture. Through narrow streets, in those times easy to defend, you get to the Medicean square with the clock tower and the arch surmounted by the crest of the noble Florentine family. Inside the parish church is a wooden statue of the well-made saint.

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We offer you in this part some itineraries to get to know and visit places near the location of your choice for your beach holiday.
An opportunity to know our region, a cultural enrichment or simply to alternate the days at sea with a different and pleasant day.
Have fun discovering Abruzzo!

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