L’Aquila, the town retains many vestiges of its ancient and thriving medieval town hall and Romanesque and Renaissance fine works of art. Among its most outstanding monuments: the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio (sec. XIII), a masterpiece of Abruzzese Romanesque-Gothic with its façade in white and pink stone. The Inside maintains a Romanesque-Gothic style, with three naves. Here we find the remains of Pope Celestine V in a Renaissance mausoleum. Celestine V was himself promoter of the construction of the Basilica where he was then crowned by Charles II of Anjou on 29 August 1294. On the left side of the Basilica is the Holy Door. It opens every year on August 28 after the parade for the “Celestine Pardon”.

How to reach L’Aquila:
Merge onto S.S.16 towards Pescara. After passing the town of Giulianova, turn right towards Teramo, along the S.S.80. Just before reaching Teramo take the A24 MOTORWAY AQUILA-ROMA. Exit at the exit L’AQUILA OVEST.

Excursion duration:
All day



Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio

Gallery Residence Il Borgo

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