The first historical records of the village date back to X century. Since the XIII century and especially in XVII and XVIII centuries flourished the art of ceramics, which made this small town famous in the world. Home of great potters of national and international reputation, Castelli is renamed “Homeland of Ceramics” and every year the last Sunday of July to the 1st of September, takes place the appointment with “August in Castelli”, the now famous exhibition of ceramic crafts that welcomes many tourists and ends with the “launch of the dishes.”
To see: Museum of Abruzzi Ceramics, Church of San Donato, Via Carmine Gentile with the house of Orazio Pompei, the Art Institute with a beautiful “nativity in ceramic” with about 100 characters.

How to reach Castelli:
Merge onto S.S.16 towards Pescara. After passing the town of Giulianova, turn right towards Teramo following the S.S.80. Just before reaching Teramo take the A24 motorway towards L’AQUILA-ROMA. After a few kilometers, exit at COLLEDARA-SAN GABRIELE and then follow the signs indicating CASTELLI.

Excursion duration:
Half day


ceramiche d'abruzzo

The famous ceramics of Castelli

Gallery Residence Il Borgo

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