Campli is a town full of history. This charming town is of pre-Romanesque origin that reached its peak from 1538 to 1734 under the rule of the Farnese Family. The city took on such importance as to be considered superior to Teramo.
To see: the town hall of the fourteenth century, also known as Palazzo Farnese, the Church of San Francesco d’Assisi, the church of San Paolo with the famous “Scala Santa” (holy steps), so named because since 1776, the practice of granting indulgences to those who came it up on knees.

How to reach Campli:
Merge onto S.S.16 towards Pescara.
After a few kilometers turn right towards Civitella / Campli. Follow the signs until you reach the city.



La Scala Santa di Campli

Gallery Residence Il Borgo

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