The small town of Atri is like a flowered balcony overlooking the Adriatic. Appreciated for its climate and for the reputation of its cuisine, Hatria Picena, now Atri, origin of the Emperor Hadrian family, is one of the oldest Italian cities. It seems that its origins date back to the Etruscans, while other sources link to the colony of Syracuse.

the medieval cathedral of the XIII century in hard Bisenti stone, whose foundations rest on the ruins of a Roman spa. To the left of the cathedral stands the Romanesque bell tower built in the fifteenth century. Inside you can admire wonderful frescoes of the Abruzzi Renaissance. Behind the Cathedral are the octagonal cloister and a medieval crypt. Also worth seeing is the famous “Calanchi” of Atri, particular conformations of the land.

How to reach Atri:
Take the A14 motorway towards Pescara.
Exit at Atri-Pineto and follow the signs for Atri.

Excursion duration:
Half day



La Basilica di S. Maria Assunta ad Atri

Gallery Residence Il Borgo

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